Home in a Metronome is a collection of minimalist posters for music creators. The designs specialize in music theory, sound engineering and inspirational quotes.

I started in late 2014 while I was upgrading my music studio and realized I needed to have essential musical references on my wall that were professional and artistic at once. After not being able to find anything online or in stores, I took it upon myself to learn software to make my vision a reality. After months of revisions, I was finally satisfied with my first print, the Circle of Fifths, and proudly mounted it on my wall. I really enjoyed the creation process, so I continued to make more.

I was curious to see what reaction the prints would get from the outside world when I posted them on Etsy. Without any promotion, I got my first sale within a month. Delighted, I continued to add more, always with the philosophy to design them as if they were on my own wall.

Music is my passion. I started playing the keyboard after receiving it as a gift on my ninth birthday and went on to learn other instruments and software to make music. I could practice for hours with a metronome to the point that I was so used to it, it was comforting to just leave it on all day! Hence the name of the store.

Being in an environment that fosters creativity is important. It is truly rewarding to know my products could be adding to some music out there! Customers are always encouraged to send me their music so I can share them in my network!

I am grateful for all my customers and I am grateful to add to their music journey!

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– Shirin